Something I needed bad


I have trouble keeping up with my wooden hammer, clamps and stuff I use on projects. So I had to break down and make myself a craft box. It’s made of 3mm baltic birch plywood and 15.70 mm dowel. I still need to make trays to hold some things in place.:slight_smile:


Yes! :sunglasses::+1:


Very cool box, and I love the way you embellished it!


Very nicely decorated … and love the dowel rod!


I was afraid of this, it just keeps ongoing. A can of stain, a pack of sandpaper and soon it looks like Home Depot…

Great Design!


Yer gonna need a bigger box. LOL

Love it!


I think your right.:grin:


I bought a small tool box for my GF tools… already thinking I might need a bigger one as I want to add a few other things to it. I also will be cutting a few pieces to hold the optics removing tool and one for the glasses so they dont roll around.