Something in the lid camera

So apparently something has gotten in my camera. I’m out of warranty so can’t have glowforge cover it. So far it hasn’t affected anything. However, I was planning on getting a different laser printer this year and selling the glowforge. I don’t think anyone will want to buy it with that spot. Anybody know if there is a way to fix this like replacing the camera?

Do you mean the black dot or am I missing something? The main purpose of the camera is to place artwork in the desired spot. I would not refuse to buy this Glowforge because of the dot. It doesn’t change how the Glowforge performs.


My camera had a blob in it from day one. I didn’t bother to get a warranty replacement as the machine was otherwise flawless and the blob is only a cosmetic issue.


The lens on the lid camera unscrews but it can be “locked” in place by a soldering iron or similar that melts the plastic together, and you would have to fiddle with it to get it back in focus.

I would just ignore it, it’s not going to affect the operation of the machine.


Thank you everyone. I’ll just ignore it. :joy:
It really hasn’t affected anything. Funny thing is that I was having one issue after another right before the spot. Had to do some deep cleaning, cleaning fans and etc. Once we were done I noticed the spot. But I’ve been printing all day back to back with no issues at all. I feel like that spot has some superpowers. :joy: :joy:

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