Something moved and went sideways please help a new user (see pics)!

Hi everyone!

I’m a very new user, I just received my Glowforge Pro last week.
I’ve been using it since without any problem, we’re still getting to know each other of course. :wink:

But today… Something happened and I really don’t know what to do!
I was going to use some plywood that I received with the machine, so I turned it on, and suddenly, something (I don’t know how to call it, sorry, English isn’t my first language) went completely sideways (see pictures).

Of course I turned it off right away, but now I’m a bit scared to put anything back in place (I tried very gently but nothing moved)…

Please tell me this is something I can fix!
Thank you so much for your help!! <3

EDIT: So I tried again when I realised it just “only” derailed and I think it’s OK now.
Still wondering how it happened though. Any clue?


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Welcome to the forum.

Turn the machine off. Gently try to lift the carriage wheel area and guide it back onto the rails. It may help to remove the honeycomb tray, open the front door and put a mirror under the left side so you can see what you are tyring to accomplish.


Thank you so much for your help!
I edited the message just now because I realised that it was just derailed and tried (again, very gently) to put it back in place and hooray, I did!
I’m engraving right now, I’m so relieved!!
I hope it won’t happen again because I have to say I really don’t know what I did wrong, if I did!
Thanks again so much!


I did that once and it scared the hell out of me. I had a piece of material overlapping the raised edge of the crumb tray and it jammed the gantry on the right side. I think the shot of adrenaline enhanced that lesson’s message. :scream:


Thank you!! :smiley:
Oh yes a big adrenaline shot indeed hahaha! :sweat_smile:

I think that’s exactly what happened with the material overlapping just enough to make it derail, and the lesson is definitively learned, I will have a thourough check up each time now, believe me!

I’m leaving for a week tomorrow, I was so scared thinking I might have to leave it this way.
Plus, I’m cutting and engraving a few things for my wedding which is in 3 weeks so you can imagine the stress! :sweat_smile:


Your crumb tray is completely out of place, which is probably contributing to this problem. It’s several inches too far back. Push it forward until the feet fall into the dimples for them on the bottom of the case. The handle will be sticking partially into the front door when it’s in the right place.


I just now was going to mention that same thing.


you might also want to cut the “boots” that lock the crumb tray in place.

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I didn’t realise this at all, thanks so much, it’s done!!

I’ll have a look at that as soon as I’m back, thanks a lot!

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Hopefully between having the tray in the right position and the boots holding it there, you’ll be good to go and as stress free as possible. :slight_smile:

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