Something Super for my first post!

Not sure if the images will upload from my phone - if not I’ll delete the post and try again from my desktop…

Not my first project, but a very early one none the less - lightbox for a good friend who’s a big fan of the man in the red cape. Won’t be making bunches of this one for obvious reasons but… now to design a Batman one for myself… :slight_smile:



Sweet! (Great looking design!) What did you use for the bubble dome on top? :grinning:


Welllll, that’s one tiny result of the scavenger “Hey I can make something out of that!” tendency that tends to drive my wife nuts. Short answer is that it’s part of a lens assembly for an old large screen projection television…


Wow, fantastic! The whole thing is great but I particularly love the layered detail with the lighter gray.


Love the design – what materials did you use? Is Superman made up of acrylic inlays?


The front panel is two layers - three if you count the sheet of light diffuser behind the layer of red acrylic. The top black layer is just painted draftboard…

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This is fantastic! I love how his cape is then the outline for Metropolis.


Wow, just wow!!!




I love how you called the city by name! :slight_smile:


Wow, you’ve got some killer design skills. Great job!


A really amazing piece!


Love this. Absolutely amazing gift. Your friend is very lucky.

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Whoa–this is a super-cool first post. Welcome to the community!!

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This is awesome! :star_struck: You said that’s draft board, are we talking PG? I’m assuming not since I don’t see any seams. How tall is this? I’d love to see a parts list for this too if you’re willing to share.

It is PG draftboard - but I oh-so-cleverly hid the seam between the top panel (with the figure and the city) and the bottom panel (with the “S” logo) with that front silver acrylic piece. The sides and back never had to go in the GF, so they could just be solid pieces of 1/4" poplar. All told, once I added the base and lid, it probably topped out at around 26 to 28 inches tall.

As for the parts and pieces, in a nutshell:

Front panel- upper - painted draftboard (PG - from GF) backed up by medium red acrylic (from Inventables). That, in turn, is backed up by a small piece of frosted light diffuser (think drafting vellum) salvaged from a laptop screen. That just covers the “halo” and cut-throughs on the chest logo so you can’t see right into the box. Front city panel is silver acrylic (also from Inventables) glued on with silicone.

Front panel- lower - also painted draftboard. Backed up by more silver acrylic, but set off using spacers made on the GF.

Back/Side Panels - painted 5.5"x24"x.25" poplar panels and elements of silver acrylic

Base - 3 layers of painted draftboard plus one piece on top that fits inside the lightbox (for stability and structural strength).

Lid - painted draftboard and salvaged red dome from an old lens assembly

Light source - common LED light strip (Home Depot)

Everything was glued - no nails or screws except the ones that hold the lightstrip inside the box.

All of the laser cutting design/illustration was done in Adobe Illustrator.

I think that about covers it…

As an aside (just to see who reads this far), way down at the bottom inside I glued a Lego Batman with “Batman Rules!” scrawled on the floor next to him… :slight_smile:


Thank you VERY much for that, and such a quick response too! :smile:

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Really fabulous design! Tons of fun!

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