Something to do for international folk (and everyone else)

One of the frustrations of not living in the U.S. is that it’s really costly (or impossible) to get proofgrade material. So we use locally sourced materials.

The founder’s discounts are therefore not really useful for international customers.

One feature that would make this a little easier to swallow would be to be able to save custom materials in the GF library of materials.

I can’t use proofgrade. So each and every time I use the GF, I have to pick a similar material and make half a dozen changes in the UI. Sometimes I forget one setting and ruin a cut. Every cut I make involves several minutes of settings that feel unnecessary.

I’m only using 2-3 materials. If I could save the settings for those materials, and just specify which material I’m using, it would make the GF experience SO much better.

To people who have access to PG, this is not a big feature. But for people who can’t get PG materials, this would be really nice.


Voila! Not official, but…


Thank you! I will check that out. But I still think GF should prioritize this feature and officially do it.


Thank you for the feedback. I’ve passed your suggestion on to the team!