SOMETHING WRONG WITH GF or is it me? It was me. . . FIXED!

I’m using Coredraw X5; which I have been using from the start.

I create a drawing using RGB black to make cuts and red to engrave.
None of my closed shapes are filled except for the part I want engraved.

Using Corel I export to an SVG file, When I upload the artwork in the dashboard; everything is set as engrave. the two colors are not separated so I can specify engraving and cutting.

What am I doing wrong??

Try using different colors to try to narrow down the problem. Maybe blue for the stroke and red for the fill to see if it has something to do with the RGB black. Also, since this is not a problem with the operation of the Glowforge itself, I am moving this out of the problems and support section which opens a support ticket with Glowforge. If you want, you can zip the file and upload it so someone on the forum can take a look at the SVG.

Zip up a file and upload it.

Ok but as they say it Was working

You can do anything with vector art. You can engrave it or cut or score, you just have to pick which you want in the GFUI. I am not certain not seeing your file but both the outline and fill color need to be different from each other but any filled vector can be cut and any closed vector can be engraved. I usually leave mine filled just because they are easier to see in the GFUI

So i have used CorelDraw X5 (CD) for all of my prints since I received the GF+. Thus how did it stop working for me.?

CD created vector lines and curves that when exported as a .SVG file to cut OR score worked fine. However when I need to combine cutting, scoring and engraving as separate acts in a single print I need to do more.

All shapes must be closed so they can possess a fill color like white with the edges of a different color. When each shape has a different color GL interprets THAT as a separation that can take on either cutting, scoring or engraving.

The depth of the engrave, as has been shown before on other threads, depends on the selected color.

I did this before without understanding why I was so now I do!

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This explanation is a bit unclear to me. It seems to conflate stroke color and fill color for a single object and doesn’t make the distinction between a non-fill which might appear white on the screen, but in fact has no color, which is different from an object filled with the color white, RGB 555,555,555.

An object that has both a fill and a stroke defined will default to a cut/score. You can however change it to an engrave but it won’t do both during a print. To cut out and engraved shape, you have to have a separate color defined, either fill or stroke, to do it in one print.

And you can make a shape that has a defined fill color with no defined stroke color which normally would default to engrave to make that operation into a cut. But always either or.

The depth of the engrave depends on the settings of the operation for that color, not really having anything to do with the color itself. The only variable that color controls is the order of an operation as it is pulled into the GFUI. First Black and last white, and counting from hex 000000 to ffffff.

I believe are saying that you have figured out how to make the strokes and the filled shapes of objects with different colors so that they become separate operations in the GFUI and you can adjust the settings of each precisely.

Just want to make sure I understand you and say I’m glad you figured it out. It is something that requires some knowledge of how vector design programs work and what makes up an SVG. That is some significant computer literacy you are achieving.


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