Sometimes it's the little things


like the joy of weeding these living-hinge business cards…


I agree! It’s fun to try not to break the little ladder of masking.


I kinda wish I was doing that… rather than looking for $39.50 in a 3 million transaction… :sob:


Canadian or US dollars?



Can I just pull out two $20 bills and call it a day? LOL


I feel your pain, vicariously. My CPA/CIA wife’s employer doesn’t understand the materiality principle and it drives her crazy when they spend many multiples of a given discrepancy just to find it.


I want to give up and just help @jbv weed those awesome living-hinge business cards.


Your business card is shedding it’s skin!


nope. cuz then you’d be scouring the files for a $0.50 discrepancy.


Hahaha! Tip money? No?

So true though!


Reimburse it from petty cash?


You sound like me talking to our Accounting department. We had a person there who refused to allow us to shut down an old point-of-sale system that we hadn’t used for 5 years because they were still trying to contact a couple of companies that owed us money (she mainly wanted to apply the payments to that system to show a zero amount due overall). I found out later on that the total amount owed was less that $100. We spent that much in electricity a long, long time ago.