Somewhat Strange First Original Piece



I got my GF two days ago and decided to put it to a use so odd that I’ve surprised even myself. About six months ago, my daughter found a creepy manikin at a local thrift shop for $40 and decided she had to have it. Obviously, my wife and I didn’t want it displayed in the living room. So we compromised and it’s now set up in our game room/den. Because of the extremely high uncanny valley value, my daughter felt it would be good to warn guests about “Tad,” her name for the manikin. So, she made the original safety rules sign on paper and posted it on the game room door. I figured the sign could use a boost, so I made a fancier version on the GF using the Proofgrade medium maple ply. Other than the founder’s ruler, this was one of my first cuts. I’d given myself a crash course in Illustrator starting three days ago. This is the result. It’s not as sophisticated as some of the other projects I’ve seen here, but I’m hoping to catch up with some of you who’ve had their GFs a lot longer than me.


Great sign…but creeeeeppyyyyy guy!


Got to ask. Is it ‘correct’?
Just wondering about his Panda pal’s positioning.
Now THAT would be what is called a conversation piece.


i used to have a metre-high Christmas Elf by the name of Vern. It would move its head and hand.
The first day i got it i put it outside the bedroom of my sleeping housemate. When he opened to door in the (late) morning you could hear the scream from outside

After that it became our house’s party trick to freak out guests

We never did anything as cool as that sign though


This is the best! Those rules rule! :joy:


Love the sign, but not enough to have a Tad. :smile:


Heh heh. Your family has a quirky sense of humor but I like it!


Hilarious! Love the rules.


Very bizarre and hilarious! Creep factor is 11 :joy:


Tad is incorrect in every way imaginable. There’s no “there” there.


I think you just won the forum today!

Excellent rules, poor Tad.


LMAO. Mine is called Woody. He wears clothes that cover all of him, no stuffed critters. He sits on a bench and people do photo ops. Love it that someone else has odd sense of humor.


I love this so much!! Bahaha!


I have Annie - she’s a surplus Resuci-Annie from my EMT days (we used to have a competition CPR team). She’s folded up in a suitcase right now (reminiscent of bad B-movies) but gets pulled out once a year as a Halloween decoration.

She’s only somewhat anatomically correct - some of the there is there but in other places there’s no there there either like Tad. :smile:


I love that we’re not alone in having a manikin. Makes me feel slightly-less odd. Slightly.





Excellent parenting. Sometimes, you just need to let a kid be a kid. :smiley:


HAHA - Tad has excellent rules!


You are weird in such a wonderful way.


Thank you!