Song lyrics plaque


:proofgrade: Walnut and cherry with draft board backing.


Wow! Just wow! That’s gonna be a tear-jerker! :hugs:
(And I love how you used hearts as joins in the ring.)


Dude, I wish I could give that more likes!

I love that you made the text spiral like an LP groove.


Oh, now that is really, really nice. I love the concept, and you did a fantastic job on it!


Now everyone knows why I was trying to figure out how to put text on a spiral!


Yeah, but wasn’t expecting such a sweet result! :hedgehog:


Outstanding dude! What a great piece. :+1::sunglasses:


OK now, Mark…lately you have been heaping praise on me…now it’s my turn. This is just beautiful! I love that you made it like a record…and the lyrics…well, it’s just the sweetest. It’s perfect that you made it out of two different woods. Really, it’s wonderful!


You guys! I think I’ve gotten over the imposter syndrome and then you pile these accolades on me and I realize that I have not. Maybe I’ll never shake it completely but positive remarks from people whom I really respect their work certainly helps.

Thank you all.


We’re all our own worst critics. I hope someday you’ll really believe that you really ARE that good!




This turned out amazing. It’s my wife’s Christmas present. It never even occurred to me until I was reading it a few minutes ago that it’s like an LP, lol. I can’t wait for the glue to dry so I can hide it.


I suddenly feel old…


Welcome to @david.farris1984 we worked together on this one. Normally it is a pita to have a customer right there with their ideas but in Davids case, it is just the opposite. Lots of good ideas and input. We’ve worked together so many times now I gave him the keys to get in here and try designs while I am at work. That sharing thing works for those you trust.


Gave me the keys, hahaha. That’s one way of putting it. I showed our daughters this morning, they were floored. I got all the pieces glued together tight and stacked about 5000lbs of books on top since I don’t have any small clamps. The tolerance between pieces surprised the heck outta me. Those things are snug man.


Wow! That’s really neat…and beautiful!


Beautiful. Now you have to think of other projects that use text spirals to keep your skills sharpened!


Great idea


This came out so sweet @markevans36301 ! The accolades are well deserved - accept them, and believe them.