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Don’t know if it’s been posted before, but this site is awesome. Buy them a coffee!

150gm cardstock, full zooms, 1pew for score and couple of passes at 20ish pews for cut. Maybe I should clean the optics?

Using all of the above, plus Photoshop AND Inkscape because reasons and bad workflow results in something like the below:

DISCLAIMER: as ever this is just a spot of high jinx.

p.s. I only did 2 sides as it was a school night project hence only one angle for the pics.


Very nice! Can think of many uses for these templates.


this is too funny. and the qr does work! :laughing:


Nice, I hadn’t seen that site before. thanks for sharing. X-mas will never be the same:smiley:


Ridiculously clever as usual. :smile:
But you know, everyone is always getting up to highjinks, I ask you, is that fair to lowjinks? They need :heart: too!


did you print first, then line up the cuts on the printed sheet?

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Hilarious! :glowforge: does a body good!

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‘Have you seen support? Please don’t call, just e-mail’. Laughed my butt off!


Did the design in one file first. Hid the cut/score layer (which on the imported SVG from the website was already in its own sub layer with cut and score separated!) and made a print file. Made another file with the cuts red and scores blue and the rest B&W which I set to ignore. Lined the file up using the B&W image over the printed card on the GFUI and it just worked!

Without that website and the Glowforge there’s no way I would have attempted it, but the cutting and scoring took literally a minute on the laser and was simply mesmerising to watch the way the flickering light danced all over the surface. Magic!

Got to do loads of party favour boxes for my kids birthday party so this was a way getting a workflow I could live with in advance, as one of something is easy, 30+ of something and I start listening to Radiohead!:dizzy_face:


I could really see Laser Milk :tm: with the soya or almond milk in wholefoods. I don’t want to give Jeff Bezos any ideas…, but I’d be happy to take the credit for them.

:robot::glowforge::milk_glass: Robots love Laser Milk

Why is there no laser emoji? Honestly, this is a scandal, on a forum that exsists exclusively because of a laser?

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Wow. Thanks for sharing. This site looks amazing. I am going to use it a lot. I’m going to have to buy them lots of coffees.

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That is really clever!

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This is a fantastic resource. It’s even a Dutch (.nl) domain! thanks for sharing.

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I actually thought of you when I saw the URL!

I hate to say it and I feel a little bad and ashamed now, but it may have worked. 2 out of 3 responses!

You know I never knew what high jinks meant (or how to spell it, thank you!), just looked it up, very interesting :nerd_face: As a Glaswegian it’s another thing I can boast that Scotland has invented!

And I have to say I :heart: my :glowforge:

They should somehow make it into a sticker and send them out with units or give them away at shows.

That website has been mentioned many times before, but it’s still good to reintroduced it now and then. But don’t dedicate a tab to it for too long. It continually eats more and more memory until you’re left wondering why your machine is slowing down. They may have fixed it recently, but it was acting this way a couple of months ago.

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Thanks for the link, this is awesome!

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Thanks for the heads up on the website!

This site is AWESOME! Thanks! Nice “milk” carton too!

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