Soot Mitigation

Hi. The missus using the hubby’s login here.

I am having really good outcomes removing/reducing charring and soot by swirling the cut pieces in a tub of clean kitty litter (unscented, clumping). I peel the protective paper after the litter “bath.” My crevices and corners are cleaned and other than needing to lotion my hands at the end of a project I’m happier with this method to reduce char than any other I’ve tried.

I’ve gotten a lot of help from the other GF users and hope my contribution saves someone else some time and bother.


So that’s cool. I’m guessing it’s really the same effect as sandpaper, no?

This sounds like something you would like to try. Can you be specific about what you are using as there is a lot of kitty litters out there. Are you talking basically clay?


The specific brand is “Dr. Elsey’s Ultra” from amazon. I think there’s a lot of flexibility on brand; any clumping unscented will have similar ingredients (clay, baking soda). We get the “low dust” kind for the cats and I was experimenting with what’s on hand. If you don’t have cats I’d just ask a neighbor for a quart of litter to dump in a pan to explore.

As for comparing to sandpaper, I’m way too lazy to sand. I’ve tried the vinegar, alcohol, and baby wipe techniques and find the gritty swirl easiest and most efficacious. Your results may vary.


I’ve been using baking soda (and now salt) with good results.


Thanx, we have a cat but I think all of her’s is scented and such. I think I’ll buy some plain and try it.

My best luck to date is alcohol and a toothbrush. this sounds better to me.

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I just want to make sure it hasn’t been used first! ROFL! :smile:
(Great tip! Thanks for sharing it!)


Sounds interesting… I havent had too many issues with charing or smell after leaving it for a few days…but I can definitly see the need if a client wanted something shortly after it was cut.

Instead of lotion, you could always get some dish gloves…:grin:

Awesome tip, thanks so much! I have a LOT of kitty litter around here so I will definitely try this!

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Great tip! I’m going to try that.

Thanks for the great suggestion!

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Gives a new meaning to getting a “swirley”. Lol