Sorcerer Mickey Paper Art


Finally completed this, and I’m so happy with it!
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Beautiful! :grinning:


That is amazing. Love the depth.


Fantasmic!!! Love iT !!!


Do you mind telling the settings you’ve used with paper and what paper you used? Many thanks!
Looks amazing!


Great! Totally dig the shadow box effect.


I mainly have Michael’s cardstock, but I use 230/20 to cut and 500/5 to score (unless I put adhesive tape on top then it’s 500/11). Hope that helps!


Thanks everyone!


Thank you very much! Will try tomorrow!


Really nice job!


Michael’s carries a lot of Bazzill brand, they make 12x12 stock in a huge array of colors and textures/weights. You can find a lot of it on Amazon too.


You did a great job. thanks for settings.


Amazing job! Totally loving the layers.


Very nice, thanks for sharing.

There is still so much stuff I want to try making.