Sorry guys


I tried to wait but its down to the wire and I need a machine asap. Put in for a refund last night. Wish you guys the best I am sure its going to be a great product I just can’t wait any longer.


Fully understand that. Haven’t run across any crowdfunded project that I would be comfortable recommending to someone who needed the capability on a schedule or whose business plan was dependent. Not that it isn’t a smart move, but because there is no way to judge the risk tolerance of others. For a huge percentage of us the Glowforge is something we want and can justify but not something that our livelihood depends. The extended timeline simply becomes an irritation not a life changer.


Live long and prosper!


Just out of curiosity, what machine have you decided to go for?


We wish you all the best Roger!
Life has a way of laying down an ultimatum, and it’s a cruel twist after waiting it out and coming so close.
Too bad you couldn’t lease time on another machine just to bridge the gap.
Good Luck!


Aww, Take care! I hope the machine you buy serves you well! and even though you wont be able to post any longer, I’m pretty sure you can go through and still read everything. Hopefully what you read once the GF’s are finally shipped and under production will justify the cost to come back :wink:


Not decided fully but I am sure it won’t be as user friendly, with me being a Apple fan boy is my MO but its to the point I need the machine so hard choices had to be made.


Im sure its going to be a great machine, I am sure at some point I will jump back in and get one when it goes into production.


well, till then feel free to grab my email. If you message me maybe maybe I can keep you up to date. maybe you can feel like you still have some say in the forums :wink:


What did you have to do to get a refund?


All teh refund information seems to be here:


The link @ihermit2 gave you will give you the full details. If you need an interactive dialog, will get you more specific details.

Also, make sure to whitelist that email address. Some email systems and email clients are a bit too aggressive, which will prevent you from getting Support’s response to you.

The forum can answer questions from a user perspective, but only the GF :glowforge: staff can give you official steps and account responses.


Also, that long ago…won’t have access to the forums anymore to answer the question.