Source for 1/8" moss, army or olive green opaque cast acrylic, anyone?


Making some awards for a local law enforcement agency and they are wanting a green color that I have not been able to locate using my normal google searches. I’ve been to two local sources and they have translucent moss green, but it will not work.

Any recommendations appreciated.


Tap plastics? Maybe the olive?


@christym may have nailed it.

There are other shades:


OMG!! Thank you so much! You just saved my bacon.


I had originally order some moss green from acrilex, but UPS lost the package. When I checked the website, there was no more inventory. I called their 800# and was told they didn’t have anymore and did not know when it would be available again.

Thanks for the help



I can attest to The Tap Plastic olive being really nice. The tan is good too and both of them would work well for law enforcement colors.


Really like the way these are looking. A bit of polishing with Novus 3,2 &1 to get rid of some blemishes around the engraving, then cleanup and lots of glue.

Thank you again @ChristyM for turning me on to Tap Plastics!

Sorry, had to hide who they were for.

(Note to self, next time do two passes at a lower power) :slight_smile: