Source for colored 2mm Acrylic?

I’ve done some searches through the forums and while finding many references to 2mm material I can’t find any referring to acrylic specifically nor any about a source for some.
Does anybody have a source they’d recommend?
My wife asked me to make stitch markers that she will hand out during a Knitting conference she’s attending in June. I’ve cut some sample ones from Medium Hard Maple I had laying around but it’s just to thick for her liking. She has one she really likes and it measures 2.04 mm in thickness.

The usual suspects, of course, but estreet plastics has really good selection and cost. Dunno about 2mm, but it’d be the first place I’d look.

Hmm skimming, they seem to be 1/8" and 1/4". Bummer.

Try ebay?

I’ve checked what are to me the usual suspects. Inventables, Amazon, and a few others. None have colored 2mm acrylic. Some do have it in clear.
I did see some on Ebay but was hoping for a recommendation for someplace more dependable. I’ll order from ebay if I have to but I’m just less trusting of materials purchased there.

Amazon. I think I got some 0.07 or 8in which is pretty close to 2mm. Needed something for @marmak3261’s wine box because my PG was too thick to let the bottle slide in.

So I ultimately ended up ordering from ebay. I did find one site that said they had 1/16" colored acrylic but they required a phone call for pricing inquiries and purchase. I hate talking on the phone so eBay it was…

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I’ve had good luck with materials on eBay, I get my hardwoods there. Granted it’s the eBay portal for green valley wood products, but I like that they don’t charge shipping on eBay, so I know how much stuff is before ordering. (On their site the prices are lower but they charge shipping separately.)

eBay definitely has its uses.