Source for large sheets of thin hardwood

Thought I’d pass along a source for large sheets of thin hardwood sheets. Site is:
Their specialty is veneer. Most of course is the really thin stuff - like 1/42". Good stuff, but not really different from other veneer sources. What seems to be a little less common is that they have 1/16" and 1/8" stock.

I want to emphasize that this is DEFINITELY NOT proofgrade material. It is raw veneer and unfinished. It comes in really long sheets of varying widths. However, IF you’re willing to work with it, there are some real finds. You will have to cut it down, since it come in long (8’+) lengths.

As an example, I ordered 1/8" sapele to combine with 3/4" sapele I have access to. I have a lot of projects combining CNC with my GF and having the two size stocks give a lot more flexibility. The 1/8" stuff was cut into 2’ lengths and shipped flat.

The 1/16" is shipped rolled up. (There is a BUNCH of energy in rolled up wood. It came in a box, with the rolled wood covered in paper. I cut the paper away and the wood “exploded”! Choice language occurred as it stretched to full length in about a nanosecond.) I ordered 1/16" wenge for inlay and now have enough to last a lifetime. I cut most of it into 6" x 12" sheets, reserving some at more GF lengths. Also ordered 1/16" cherry. It was about 13" wide and I cut it into 12"x20" sheets, more for ease of storage than anything else. Even the scraps were of good size and made a pretty sizable stack of usable material.

There was some warp in the sapele, but the gentleman I ordered from was very up front about it and the pictures clearly showed it. I’m still working with it, but with some moisture and clamping, it seems to be very workable. The 1/16" material lost the “roll” very quickly and appears flat enough to use “as is”.

Again, this is probably not the source for everyone. It’s pretty large lots and a lot of additional work, but some unique wood species, in large thin sheets, at good prices.


Thanks for sharing this source. I also appreciate the info regarding the packaging and the energy stored in rolled veneer. I think you saved someone from spilled coffee or a heart attack with your warning.

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Thanks for the lead

This looks like a great resource. I got a veneer “identification kit” off Amazon for around $30 and I still have a ton of it, but it is so thin that glue often seeps through it. I like the idea of getting some 1/16".

I was browsing the site and it looks like you have to call to confirm availability on just about everything that I was looking at (domestic and exotic). I’d say that’s the only downside. Too bad they don’t have the stock sync’d up.


I would normally agree with you about a more automated ordering process. Actually speaking with someone is so 20th Century. However, in this case discussion with someone who can actually see and describe the product did seem helpful. These are raw products and don’t easily fit in tight categories. On the up side, the gentleman I spoke with was friendly, informative and easy to talk with.


Haha… I agree with you. It is kind of old fashioned but that may not be such a bad thing, especially for something like this. I am currently working up some pricing, I figure I’ll give them a go. I have a local wood shop near me and prefer face to face there but they don’t have this type of veneer.

Do you happen to know what the mean by “panel length”? It says “available in panel length or longer”.

Edit: never mind, found it on the web site. Apparently 8 ft is panel length, and a minimum for most of the veeners.

These are generally big sheets. I think “panel length” is 8 feet or longer. You buy by the square foot and the minimum is a full sheet, but for 1/8" they cut to ship. 1/16" is rolled. At least this is my understanding.


Do you happen to know if they include shipping in the prices? Or is that extra?

shipping was extra.

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I can see myself really getting into trouble with this web site. :slight_smile: But the pricing seems really good, as long a shipping isn’t a killer. I’ll have to do some calculations on my planned projects and will most likely be giving these guys a go. Thanks again for sharing it. NY isn’t too far away from me either, so it’s not like it’s going too far.


Super helpful, especially for anyone who wants to buy “wholesale” for business projects. Thanks for sharing!

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One last comment on Certainly Wood.

When I went by their booth at the Atlanta woodworker show, they had one fascinating piece that I had never before seen for sale. It was a tree cross-section veneer showing all the rings. I later looked on their website, but couldn’t find them for sell, but tried again today and found them:

A little pricey, but done right it could make a real statement.

Although, on a closer look, the size would be a problem. might could get the half-round in a pro.


I’m going to give them a shot - found 82 sqft of ash veneer in their clearance section. Was told it would arrive by Friday. I’ll update with impressions when I get it.


My husband will be so happy that I have another source for material! Lol

Thank you for the link!


it would be interesting to engrave on them at full size, but it would also be fun to use en endgrain cross section in, say, a box lid. which would mean you could cut it down anyway.

it doesn’t sound that expensive. $4.50/sf and in ~2ft sections for half rounds. potentially comes up to 4mm thick, too.

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