Source for laserable magnet sheets in UK (or Europe)?

I am having the hardest time sourcing laserable magnetic sheets (ideally adhesive backed but not essential) here in the UK (i.e. ones without PVC). European sourcing could also be okay. Having read previous forum posts and seeing that this product widely available on Amazon in the US, fits the bill, I am shocked that I can’t find similar in the UK. I’ve searched quite a bit, called both laser manufacturers and magnet companies, and come up dry. This shouldn’t be so hard, right? Any leads on product names or companies/suppliers in the UK?


May I suggest using a blade device like a Cricut or Silhouette instead?

We technically can laser some magnet sheets but they tend to spark, leave magnet dust all over the inside of the machines and don’t cut particularly cleanly in my experience.


I wrote my neighborhood WhatsApp group today specifically to ask if someone had a Cricut or similar – thinking that in fact that might be easier! In the meantime after finding a UK laser group, the owner of a company who has some was willing to sell some to me!


I’ve a feeling Kitronix sell magnetic sheets

Laserable magnet sheets seem to have vanished in the USA so I wonder if there was a supply problem.

Frankly they sucked anyway. They cut OK but as @ekla said they were very messy. And worst of all, the magnet power was pathetic. They could barely hold up themselves and if you wanted a couple pieces of paper underneath, forget about it.

I resolved to switch my magnet designs to small neodymium disc magnets, they are SO much stronger.


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