Source for sew-in metal tags?

Hey guys, I have a customer looking for some blank tags like this. I have done a bunch of Googling and ebaying around I can’t seem to figure out what they are called or where to get them. Anyone have any ideas?

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Is that like a clothing tag or something?

Yeah, she makes purses and this get sewn into the bag

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Ah…that’s what I was thinking. It’s interesting to me …I’ll see if I can do some sleuthing.

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Thank you! I’ve been going mad looking. :joy:

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Do they need to be blank? I found this;

shoot…sorry. I just saw the answer in your post. Let me keep looking.

Yeah she wants them blanks so I can engrave them

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Thanks for finding that. Unfortunately I think she’s looking for the exact one in the photo I shared. Especially with the little wings on each side for sewing into the bags.

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What you are looking for is called a brad.

Here is one source:

Here’s another (not sure these are metal though):

Karen Foster Design 24-Piece Classic Bradlines, Dramatic


I learn something new every… 5 minutes.


They are many names, but prong metal logo tag is one, and fitted not be sewing per se, but fit via slots in the material, the tabs fit through and then bent, usually inwards (not winging out as in this picture), and often over another piece of thin metal to take stress off the leather/material itself.

Drawback for GF etching, is they are usually a steel alloy or another metal that is then plated for Nickel or brass finish, and not recommended for using in the GF (or safe without industrial ventilation system)… (the material has to be strong while very thin, and ductile enough so the tabs can be bent 90 degrees and not crack/break off ).

Another option as @Xabbess pictured are ones that can be riveted in place–and then you could used a lot more materials for that… Or etch leather labels that are then sewn onto the bag–but totally different looks!

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