Source for unfinished weaving boat shuttles?

I’ve been asked for a personalized weaving boat shuttle. This is what they look like:Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 8.18.58 AM

I’m going to practice on one of my own, but they all have finishes on them. I’m looking for unfinished wood, capable of holding either 4" or 5" weaving bobbins.

Any woodworkers out there who want to take a shot at making a prototype? I figure the equipment needed is table saw, band saw, scrollsaw or jigsaw, and drill press.

The only avenue available to me right now is to buy them at retail, engrave and finish, then sell at a value-added price. One problem is that the shuttles will already be marked with a maker’s mark on the side I want to engrave.

If anyone has suggestions, I’m all ears/eyes.

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I would use a belt sander to cut off what is not needed

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You are right, I should have added that. I have a mental block about belt sanders; saws didn’t scare me, but my belt sander did, when I had woodworking tools. It could take anything from my hands and fling it across the garage. Only after all my fingertips were raw, and some knuckles, did I finally re-home it. (mine was as horizontal, not vertical machine)

I mean etsy is full of them, surely someone out there has one without a makers mark? You could always ask a seller if it’s possible to get one without the mark.

As for already being finished, what’s the issue there? You can generally engrave straight through finishes.

I thought some finishes would foul the GF.

Yes, etsy has lots, all with makers’ marks. And all at retail.

I’m about to test one of my own; wish me luck! I’ll post a photo…

I haven’t seen any studies here about specific finishes that will foul the GF, but pretty much everything fouls it over time. Some materials are far dirtier than others, rubber comes to mind, MDF, both make a mess of the machine… but I haven’t seen anyone specifically look at finishes as fouling agents.

That being said, you’re probably onto something; I suspect that heavy finishes might well cause things to get a bit dirtier than unfinished for the same material, but it’s not the type of thing I would specifically worry about… Large deep engrave actions foul the machine pretty quickly no matter what material or finish you’re using.

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