Southwest Mama Bear

Just in time for Mother’s Day, a personalized “mama bear” with southwest flair. I had seen many versions of this with a “California” bear, but we moved out of LA for a reason.

The basic build follows @Whengeekscraft’s map making tutorial, but I don’t always like the look of multiple layers, so I have started to combine Glowforge work with my Shaper Origin, which created the pockets in some solid cherry.

Cherry, acrylic, and epoxy.


Pretty! I love the combination of techniques.


Beautiful work! The epoxy is so nice!Terrific!


This looks awesome!


Looks nice! I have an SO also, still learning it. Which part is GF’d? The acrylic inlay?

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Love the color … nice work.

Yes, the acrylic was etched on the GF, but it was not an inlay – it is actually an overlay, for lack of a better term. The backside of the acrylic is engraved, so the top side is nice and smooth (remember to reverse your pattern), and the cherry was pocketed with the Shaper. The pocket was then filled with colored epoxy.

Check out @Whengeekscraft’s map tutorial and their other larger map projects. I was a bit hesitant to start on anything the size of her maps, but the tutorial project was just the right size and complexity to get me started on this path, and then start making it my own with the addition of the Shaper.