Space Shuttle file

Can anyone share the Discovery Space Shuttle file? I know it was file of the month, I thought I downloaded however I’m not unable to download it for free again. If anyone could help it would be amazing!

Unfortunately, that’s not allowed. Sorry! You could try contacting support, though.


You will need to purchase your own copy here:

It would be illegal for someone to share a copy with you, if they could, but there’s also no way to download catalog designs as a file so that’s a bit of a moot point.


I could have sworn I downloaded this but I dont see it on my dashboard… My brother retired from NASA after working in In Flight Maintenance for shuttle flights, then for ISS. I planned on making it for him for Fathers Day.
What month was it offered in. So bummed if i screwed up downloading it.

According to posts here in the forum, the file was available November 2020.


You would have received an email receipt if you downloaded it.

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If you really want it and Support can’t help you find your order, it is still available on page 3 of the Education section in the catalog for $24.99. Not a bad price for a gift for your brother. Not as nice as free if you downloaded it before, of course, but at least you can still get it. :slightly_smiling_face:


And some of the money will go to help Ukraine as that is where the artist is from.


I didn’t realize that. Awesome!!

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