Spacing of design

I have a design I’m wanting to cut. The svg image shows it all grouped close together so I can get the best use of my wood. However when it shows up half of it is off the board. Is should all fit on one piece of wood. Is there someway to get it layed out without me manually have to move each piece as close togehter as I can?

It shouldn’t have changed the layout - can you share a pic of what you’re getting and what the design should look like?

If the parts are correct relative to each other you can select all with your mouse and move everything at once.


You can select all of the items and move them together so that they fit on the bed.


Attached is how I believe it should be layed out on the wood. However the second picture… see how far apart they are spaced. How do I get them all close to each other so I don’t waste wood?

Looks correct to me, just that your design layout is much wider than the standard print area which is a little under 19".

The way you have them laid out is a very inefficient use of material.


I didn’t lay them out that way. When I bring the file in that is the way the software is doing it. This is what my question is, how do I get them all together to look like the image? I can move them one at a time but I was wondering if there was some kind of option that would do that for me.

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There are programs (deepnest) that maximize material. You cannot use it within the Glowforge app. Within the Glowforge app you will need to select and move each piece.


That is not possible. The GF UI does not alter designs.

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What program are you using to lay out your design? And are your pieces coming in at the correct size?

I agree that it looks like the layout is the same. But your scale is enormous. The GF software doesn’t change your file layout.


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