Spam filter


Oh man. Couple of us were chatting about problems with the spam filter. While typing a response - all the posts disappeared and the entire topic is now gone. @dan - odd things happening!


It seems to be a problem with my user account


@Brandon, Is that the one we both just replied in??


@syzygy2112 - YES! Not sure what is going on!


I saw @sublimsound even tried to reply in this one and he is getting booted out. I am sure he can read them though - we will let @dan know!


I saw that too! (20 char minimum)


Wow sublimsound… automatic spam filter does not like you! Sorry, nothing personal. I’m going to try to settle it down. : ) Any other problems @ping me and I’ll try to fix.


Oh good! Glad this has been noted and that I hadn’t unwittingly gotten myself banned from posting. I wonder what I did to get the spambot so grumpy with me? Sorry if I overreacted a bit… Back to the good times! :slight_smile:


@dan your involvement in this community is so impressive. I’m on the forum so much and am sharing it with my friends and even they are impressed with your level of engagement, not to mention the fact that you’d rather someone be happy than own your product!! It’s so refreshing and I commend you for it!


@dan --hope you saw that @sublimsound had replied to you, but it’s disappeared… Sorry @sublimsound, wherever you are!!!