Spam filters and phones

So I was wondering why I didn’t get the email glowforge sent. As a computing snob who looks down on anything less than a desktop it seems I’ve become dependent on my phone for non-work email. So I logged into my personal email account (at - a Microsoft property) and there it was in the spam filter. They automatically delete emails in the spam filter after 10 days. New fun fact I learned today.

My phone’s email combines my multiple email inboxes, but it doesn’t alert me to new “spam”. The email app hasn’t trained me to regularly check my spam folder. Combine that with the small screen area and the trend to streamline and simplify apps and there is potential for unfortunate events. As my provider deletes “spam” automatically there is a good chance many legitimate emails have gone this route. Not an issue when I have my email open on a monitor and see everything at a glance - darn you increasingly misnamed phone.

There isn’t a lot glowforge can do about this, so I guess it is just another reminder to regularly check your spam filter. Hopefully clicking on the not spam option white-listed anything from the glowforge domain.

And Rita, if I don’t respond to you when the glorious day comes, please know it’s the phone and not me.


can you set up a filter to automatically move anything that says glowforge to a new folder? also you might wanna get a gmail account. sooo much better than MS


I have gmail accounts as well, but that was the account I gave them when I signed up. It is one of my trusted ones that only goes to people and companies where I know I won’t get spammed. So a spam filter on it is a bit redundant. But MS doesn’t know that.

I mainly posted this as a warning to others, like backing up your data, and one more reminder to glowforge CS that they probably don’t need.

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One of the things you can do that helps:
add where there announcements tend to come from to your contacts and if you can mark as not spam. Also add while you’re at it.

I’ve also gotten glowforge contact across the year or so from: – forum notifications mostly – also from forum

And for Glowforge’s part when they start sending out shipping requests they can toss something on the forum to let people know to check spam more often

Had the same problem

Hopefully I didn’t miss anything else from them

I had the same issue but found it in the spam folder. that may explain why i have gotten so little from Glowforge.

I’ve never had a problem with emails on forum replies. I received an email from a glowforge employee last March without issue. My suspicion is that something in or about the email caused an advanced AI feature of the spam filter to flag it and since I’ve never explicitly white-listed any senders…

Years ago a German division of HP sent us some emails and never heard back from us. Finally on a conference call they complained. Someone went digging for the missing emails. The subject line contained XXX in it. To them XXX represented a variable. To our email service it was stopped before the spam filter. Only the IT guy could retrieve it.

For me, I received Dan’s message in spam folder. However, I ve never had this sort of problem before.

So be careful If you don t have received the email.

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Being in IT for 25 years, I can tell you that spam filtering is the bane of the email admins. They get to hear that too much spam is coming through (in one ear) and too many emails are being blocked (in the other).

Between local spam filtering on a server (plugins to Exchange or Postfix or Sendmail or whatever the company uses), cloud based spam filtering services (Barradcuda or McAfee or Symantec or Mailroute), cloud based email services (GMail, Outlook.Com, Yahoo, AOL, and such) constantly changing their settings (responding to user feedback, new spam delivery tactics), ISPs email service (Comcast, Charter, Centurylink, etc) and then the recipient’s email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, Pegasus Mail and many others) having their spam filter settings, it is a wonder than more email ever gets through each and everyday.

The best that you can do is check your settings at your computer (email app spam filters - whitelisting addresses), check with your ISP’s email settings (if they do your email), whitelist domain or known individual email addresses with the cloud based provider and/or contact the email administrator to whitelist emails specifically to your account.

It changes all the time because spammers keep changing their tactics, which causes good emails and recipients to become collateral damage.


You’ve got a load of options to deal with this. The easiest of which is whitelisting, that will ensure the email you want shows up in your inbox. Beyond that you can adjust your spam settings to be more or less aggressive. Depending on how much spam your account get’s you can adjust these to let more stuff into your inbox.

Really though, this is the exact reason whitelisting exists.