Spam. It's what's for breakfast



Seriously, at this point we just need to have a Monty Python thread.



The greatest irony of Monty Python… their entire comedy style was about doing the unexpected. And they are now quoted verbatim quite likely worldwide.


I didn’t! No! I didn’t! I never did! All lies! I never!
– Sir Robin


Do lumberjacks like spam I wonder?


Yes. Only while wearing high heels, though.


Well nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

I’ve always found it fun to start a well-known skit and then at some point just start improvising.


This would make a wonderful send-off.

** NSFW one bathroom word ***


I must be in the right place. Not a day goes by in my office when Monty Python isn’t quoted. Yesterday was “Not Dead Yet!” day.


My family has been informed that this must play at my funeral / memorial service.


I use that on almost a daily basis, but I work in an ICU. I think most of my colleagues don’t get the reference and just think I’m being morbid. :innocent::roll_eyes:


In southern Minnesota, there exists a Spam museum. :P. There’s a billboard on interstate 35 that advertises it just north of Owatonna MN.


Will be soon enough! Get in the cart.


spam, I prefer cheese


My favorite:


Help! Help! I’m being repressed!


There are too many great Monty Python sketches. I can’t pick just one!




All of you are wrong.


No we’re not.


I’m sorry – is this a five minute argument or the full half-hour?