Spare Parts and Pro Shields: Latest Improvements 10/01/17


Should I have received the Pro Shields? (if unit shipped Nov 15)

Awesome-sauce! (Now we’re cookin’!) :grinning:


Ohhh, black crumb tray!
Hmmmm, I should probably buy material instead of another crumb tray.


Cool! Another pair of glasses are a must!


I got me a lens removal tool! (And about another hundred bucks worth of PG.) :rofl:


You know that a lens removal tool will come free with your permanent Glowforge unit?


Oh yeah, but I’ll lose it. I always misplace stuff like that…pays to have a spare on hand. :grinning:


If only you had some way to make something, to keep them in so you didn’t loose them. Maybe some kind of box or something. :joy::joy:


:thinking: :smile:


I store ours magnet side down next to the reservoir inside the machine.


Where’s the replacement tube? :wink:




I posted this on the FB group, but will add it here…Need to add as a separate item the plastic box latches/handles to replace the ones that seem to be getting lost in transit.




You win! All-time perfect response. Love it! :clap: :rofl:


Make the Red Power Cords available!


Oh and the pic of the orange parts shows two head clips (in the description it says it includes one. Although two would be much better)


They are!


The don’t ship to the UK, like GF so far!


Then how about: