Spartan keychains

Practicing some acrylic inlays. I’m particularly happy with the thick one that I sanded down. The top looks like one seamless piece and I like the matte effect. :grinning:


Oh yes, those are gorgeous! School logo?


Super nice. An item deserving Spartan pride!


Beautiful work as always! :grinning:


Wow! Really like the techniques!


Really nice! Acrylic inlay is my favorite technique so far, it just looks so polished. And once you figure out the settings numbers, it’s pretty quick, too.


Thansk :slight_smile: I love acrylic too. I hadn’t tried using acrylic solvent on the top before and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I just used a thin layer, let it wick in for a moment then wiped it off. It was just enough to fuse the top seams and make them disappear when I sanded the top. I’ll be using this again.

Yes, a friend’s daughter is going to San Jose State this fall so I made her a little gift :slight_smile: :heart:

What size are these? Because I’m just thinking about the nightmare of having to dig out any of the smaller pieces from the crumbtray :tired_face:

Really cool, the seams are perfect! At first glance I thought these were acrylic that had been pressed with color instead of multiple inlay pieces!

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YES! Those little pieces were such a pain! The whole piece is just a few inches wide and I decided not to try and fill in those tiny triangles in the middle. From experience with little stuff on the crumb tray I’ve learned to use tape before lifting anything off. I just placed a strip over the triangles before moving and it kept them in order and in place.