Speaking of golden retrievers ...

Post bath fluffiness :slight_smile:


Pretty babies!


AND it is pretty obvious what they think about that.


They look very cuddly. (If not exactly trusting at the moment.) :smile:
“Pssst! You think he’s gonna wet us again?”

Awww… they’re cute. I have to agree, though. They do not look happy right now!

Huh. The goldens I’ve had LOVED getting wet.

Although, now that I think on it, they loved doing it on their own terms, not so much mine. :wink:


They don’t love bath time because it means getting sprayed in the face. But they LOVE the dryer, so…

This was them being like “why are we being made to sit and stay?” Two seconds later they came over and were all smiles.


What beautiful babies! I can just imagine a dryer on them in slow motion!

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The dryer is a K9 II. When you blow dry a dog with one of them, it blows all their undercoat out, and makes a cloud of hair.

For example:


my dog tolerated the bath (he mostly just wanted to drink from the hose). but he loved being towel dried. and then hated being confined to the porch until he finished drying out.

That dryer is amazing! That song made it look like christmas!! :snowflake: :dog2: :snowflake:

My husband’s German shepherd can do that without the blower. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Monsters, all of them. Abandon all shoelaces, ye who enter here.


I itch from watching that… I wouldn’t even have to be in your neighborhood for that to make me sneeze for a week.
Cute fluffy friends, though.

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