Special Tool for a Special Nut

No. This isn’t a wrench for @PrintToLaser :rofl: it’s a tooling head for a device to remove a special castle nut that holds on the base plate of a chalice. We recently purchased a new chalice for our University chapel in memory of someone and we want to engrave the base plate with the details.

The jeweler tried to remove it with a plastic pliers but couldn’t do it and he didn’t want to scratch it. So I got the job. Hard to measure the nut and it’s a strange size so I had to make three versions.

I made the tool head out of thick acrylic and the stem was 3D printed. PLA is a bit weak and I don’t have any of the technical filaments. I have loads of acrylic though and it is hard enough. I might have gotten away with doing the whole thing 3D printed, but I wasn’t quite sure if the indents would be strong enough. And the acrylic is easier to cut fast on a laser so that sped up the whole design, iteration, and execution process.

Worked great.

I’ve really been out of the making mood lately but it was nice to fire up the Glowforge for a quick job and have it perform as needed.

I used Onshape for design. Sliced it in Kiri:Moto for the svg for the acrylic part and then exported the STL for the 3D print.

Using 3D design programs from the start for a project really is helpful. I do love Inkscape for the flat pack stuff and lettering, but sometimes a 3D designer is just the ticket.


Fantastic! Excellent work!


Nice job!


That’s inspirational Marion!
A 3D printer, and a glowforge are a fine match for problem-solving.
Fixing something or making it work feeds my soul. Each instance is a new puzzle/challenge, and usually an education in disguise.
I don’t print figurines, I print brackets and fixtures.
That solution couldn’t be more eloquent or well executed - fun, and has got to be satisfying. Thanks for sharing that man.


Great job! I’d bet that problem has come up before, and the folks involved would love a solution like this.


What a true blessing that you could do all that! Absolutely marvelous solution.