Specs for cases

Hey folks,

There are tons of cases out there for cell phones, even so I may want to make a few. I can not seem to find on the web specs for sizes and such things for different phones. Does anyone know where to find that stuff or is it trial and error with a caliper?


I had a friend of mine in Atlanta dealing with the same thing. He looked everywhere. I ended up sending him about 75 dummy phones from the store I work at because he found little to no info. Best bet would be to go to manufacturers international website and find the similar product from them and hope that the cell providers have not requested any slight modifications to the original product.

Google “cad specs” and you desired phone. For example iPhone turned up Apple developer information like this in the first couple hits


@ekla. Awesome. Thanks. For some reason the idea of using cad in my search didn’t occur to me. That’s the type of stuff I was looking for.