Speed update comparison between basic and pro (also estimated plus)

Hey everyone,

I made another video with 3 examples of the speed update with a comparison between the basic and pro. I also did the 2000 speed on the pro to simulate the plus speeds. I though some might find this helpful:


Great! We need videos for the “visual learners”. I’ll put it in the Matrix and shift it to the Tutorials section.


I was unsure on the plus speed so the difference will be slightly different in this video and the other one as it is actually 2700 maxspeed


You are comparing apples and oranges so not really a comparison. if you compare a speed of 1400 on each you would probably get the same times, just as they are the same at 1000. However at full power the Pro would be making a deeper cut.

Where it gets cute is those circumstances that a vary power at full power and 1400 speed is too deep, or upping the LPI would make it so. Under those conditions, the higher speed would allow the lighter touch and make conditions at the edge of possible for the Pro not as good as the Basic that would have to reduce power to work at all and doing so would have a much shorter range from the top power of the cut to the least, something I have found to reduce the quality of the image and strengthen the effect of grain on the image to show through. Also easily burned wood like Zebrawood or many Mahoganies is less likely to burn at higher speeds as the flame does not stay around to get started.

For many that making the grain show up more may be a very subtle thing not worth worrying about, But higher speed is not about the time taken to cut near as much as control of the effect.

I don’t think 95% of GF users think this way, though. They just think “ooh, faster!”

@wenning08 just shared your video in a discussion about which machine to purchase. Good timing. :slight_smile:


I was just going for a normal how I would do a run on proof grade material. You are correct there are many different settings you can go through and change and get the most out of it. But to run two of the same projects side by side I that most people will do to see speed difference. I could definitely see this coming in handy in some of the situations you stated though.

No problem, I just made it to help others so hopefully it helps with a side by side of same settings and project.

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A big part of the problem I think. That speed up and slow down issue eats up most or all of the “ooh, faster!” but having that high resolution image on paper without going through might be possible where it was not before.


True. But a lot of people don’t even have the update yet. I think this gives people are more realistic view of what “faster” means. And then those who are sophisticated enough to be doing other things can hopefully either figure the rest out on their own or do a little research.

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Thank you for taking the time to make this video. I am still waiting for my upgrade.

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I just finished a bit of research repeatedly running the same shape and place at different speeds waiting a long time for the test to run. Running at 650 LPI at 4000 speed would take 53 min and at 3000 speed 50:42 and 2000 speed 50:42 and 1000 speed one hour and 23 min so the mix of speeding up saves a bit of time at first but obviously the time returns based on speed alone are not the point.

What was the size of your design? In both dimensions.

I just ran the top of this box.

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Does the upgrade automatically go or is there something special we need to do?

It’s automatic. It’s actually been catching a lot of people off guard. When the engrave speed bumps up, the engrave area goes down, so a lot of people have started complaining. But it’s easily fixed by lowering the speed back to “normal.”

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I believe this is 100% rolled out, according to a recent post from Dan, at least.

If you aren’t seeing it, you might turn the machine off and back on, and give it a few minutes to download/install.


Thanks for sharing this video. We just ordered our GF and we cant wait to get started on our first projects.


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