Spice Jar Engraving

Does anyone know where the file for the spice jar engraving that Glowforge posts to YouTube can be found? I love the design and would be willing to purchase. TIA!

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I don’t believe that particular file has been made available by Glowforge, but it is just basically text so you can easily create your own.

Also, just so you know, it is against forum rules to ask for files.

can you supply the link where you saw it? or a screenshot?



here is a etsy link, this may help you locate the file…

Yes Sir - sorry about that…Laser Engraving Glass Spice Jars | Meet Glowforge - YouTube

Thanks but I’m looking for that specific file as shown on Laser Engraving Glass Spice Jars | Meet Glowforge - YouTube

Sorry wasn’t aware of the rule on files.

Not a problem. Here are the forum rules: FAQ - Glowforge Owners Forum

I’m guessing since it’s a glowforge file… that rule may not apply? :rofl:

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there pretty easy to create, if you DM me what spices, I can make them in photoshop for you.

I think this is a special case as Glowforge pledged to make everything in the promotional video freely available and then just… didn’t. (Though to be fair I don’t know if the video we’re talking about was part of that promise)

I think it’s fair game to ask about GF’s files, the rule is intended to protect individual creators from being asked. So yeah I think you’re fine, and we should be more adamant about making GF live up to their promise.


took me 5 minutes

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yea, I requested the Glowforge 3d Demo - and was told (nicely) “NO”

Every founding member should get to print at least one of them. Makes a lovely appliqué…



they should! - it should be in the welcome kit!


Suggest you test before you commit.

I had a lovely engrave on glass jars but they were virtually illegible in my spice/herb cabinet. Looked great in natural light, which is the worst thing for long-term storage. I ended up making reverse-engraved tags and glued them over the engraved lids.


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