Spice Rack Carousel

I use Vectric Software’s VCarve Pro for all my designs. It is targeted at CNC work (I also have a CNC mill), but you can export to SVG for the Glowforge.

I also use Sketchup for the 3D models and visualization. It’s really helpful to see it virtually in order to understand and troubleshoot things. The images in my post that aren’t photos are captures from the Sketchup model.

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And here I own VCarve pro!! Lol and I have been using silhouette for nothing lol, how do you import the svg design into sketch up so you get the 3D or is that VCarve pic?

I select elements in VCarve Pro and export them to DXF instead of SVG. Sketchup is very happy importing DXF files since it is ostensibly a CAD program.

There are some (an understatement) manipulations needed within Sketchup. You have to explode the imported DXF, use a plugin to generate faces, and then extrude the result to the thickness of the actual component. Also, you have to know how to rotate, align, group, color, etc. the components.

It can be a bit tedious - and I don’t do it with every project - but sometimes a full 3D CAD model of what you’re building is invaluable. For the purposes of a relatively complicated build like this spice rack, I felt it was worth the effort.

I’m attaching some screens of my workflow to give you an idea of how I do it.


One of the nice things about building the 3D model is that you now have a relatively easy way to build documentation. I decided that if I’m going to sell the design then I owe a construction guide to whomever decides to purchase it.

I’m in the middle of building the documentation now, and the 3D model is at the core of the visualization.


Super! I might need some help on some simple design, to get the hang of it, it what version of sketch up
Do you have? Free?

Did VCarve build a model at all as I was wondering how you designed with out a fitting

Using Sketchup Pro 2018 (paid version).

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No, VCarve can’t build models. Not sure what you mean “without a fitting”

Well when you use VCarve for wood it shows in 3D

Ummm what can I say except just amazing talent!

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Very cool, especially with it able hang.

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Well, it took my quite a while to document it well and put everything in a zip file, but it’s up on Etsy now: https://www.etsy.com/listing/918525092/carousel-spice-rack


Finally have it up on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/918525092/carousel-spice-rack

This project is super cool! What are the dimensions when assembled?

It’s about 18" wide x 14" high x 12" deep.

that’s great! will definitely be doing some measuring and taking a look at this when we’re back home.

one piece of advice. i’d add a listing of what materials are needed. X number of sheets of X size of proofgrade or .125" BB. X number of X type of magnets at X size, X number of pieces of X size dowel, etc.

helps people understand what materials are needed ahead of time and determine what their actual cost to make the product is.

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Yes, that’s always a nice help when tackling a project of this scope. I did, in fact create a Bill of Materials that speaks to this and it’s included in the ZIP file.


i would add that to the description. 10 sheets of wood is quite a bit. and the 3/8 sheet is one people may not have already.


I really like this, can you please tell me what size wood is needed?

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The information is two posts above this one.

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