Spice storage tins


I recently switched to magnetic spice tins for storage. I replaced the thin plastic tops with laser engraved versions. I am quite happy with how it came out.


That’s going right on my to-do list. I love labeling things. I made these with my vinyl cutter. 100% less pew-pew, though. :slight_smile:


Is that just the engrave showing up so white or did you paint after engraving? They look great!


I did the same thing long ago when I had several different types of salt. The vinyl cutter is a wonderful too.


Paint. In this case I engraved the acrylic and painted it before I remove the protective sheet. Other times I just score the material and remove the sheet in the places I want painted.


Love that effect - it’s so easily read! :grinning:


So cool! I want to do that. Would you care to share your source for the tins?


if you google magnetic spice tins, you can probably find some; they’re all over (i have very similar ones i bought locally).


Those look wonderful!


Add this to things my wife will want lol.


I’m so wanting to do this! Mine are labelled with a P-Touch label maker right now, which is severely lacking in style.


Impressed with both storage solutions!


Jealous! We can’t stick magnets on the front of our fridge. They stick okay on the side but since it’s tucked between a wall on one side and a counter & cabinets on the other there’s not a lot of real estate - and that’s reserved for impressive kid stuff :slight_smile:


We can’t either - it’s got a cabinet front on it. (Cool idea though - it would certainly save a lot of real estate inside the fridge door.) :slightly_smiling_face:


I got these at Cost Plus World Market. I bought two larger diameter tins for Bay Leaves and Cinnamon Sticks.


Such an amazing variety of spices!!


Pretty sure I’m in love with this.
Consider the idea stolen.
Hmmmm… Wonder how I’ll repurpose the spice cabinet now…


I love this. I should look into this with my fridge.


what about using adhesive magnetic-receptive material to line the inside of a few cabinet doors, and sticking magnetic spice-jars to that?


Interesting find.