Spicing up IKEA buys

What else are you all buying and improving on from IKEA?


Very cute!

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Ikea askvilds are good cork placemats and engrave quickly and DARK.

Ikea cutting boards are always popular engraving targets.

Wooden spoons are a simple engravable gift.

I’m sure if you search the forum for IKEA you’ll find more than you bargained for.


My niece’s name is Johanna, and up until very recently, my wife and I said we’d want to name a daughter Amelia, they look good together! So are these something you can get from IKEA for something specific, or are they just for decoration?

I don’t have access to IKEA anymore, and when I did, I could definitely see why it’s a hot spot for creatives to go ransack.

Cute! There were some flat-pack crates… I nabbed one, but haven’t Done a design for it, yet.

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This is precisely why I’m sad, and glad, there is not an Ikea nearby. I’d never buy anything there to use as is. It would always be to laser or turn into something else.

*rabbitholewarning! Checkout ikeahackers.net


I have a friend with twin daughters named Johanna & Amelia. These were just little doll beds that I found at IKEA. Since they come in a flat pack and you have to put it together (as are all things IKEA) it was really easy to throw the headboards in the Glowforge!

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Oh I need to do this for my Daughter and Niece!