Spider ID?


Can anyone tell me what kind of spider this is?


Plain old house spider I would guess. Don’t think it’s a recluse (Google it to be sure). Definitely not a black widow or hobo (the other 2 nasty ones we have here).


Looks like a recluse but hard to tell actual size from photo. If you don’t see a bunch of them around the house then probably not a recluse. They infest, at least around here they do.

Edit: I was so wrong lol I should have google imaged search to refresh memory of recluse. Doesn’t look like that sorry


Hard to tell if it’s a recluse or wolf spider. I usually solve this dilemma by making it a dead spider.


Wil it laser?


Looks like a wolf spider to me. We had a ton of those in our cellar growing up. They look pretty mean, but are fairly harmless.

I grew up in Ohio, if that helps.


yum dinner

j/k looks like the kind I kill at least once a week


Here’s a little more detail in the below image. Definitely not a brown recluse. I’m not an entomologist but I’m leaning towards wolf spider.


I am pretty sure it is a wolf spider. Try shining a flash light in its eyes with the lights off. Often they will glow like jewels.


You are Pacific Northwest? Not a recluse habitat. A little small for a wolf spider. Perhaps it is a hobo spider?
Aka the aggressive house spider.
Check this ID chart.


I think I read about this read about this recently. Is it an itsy bitsy spider? Is it near a water spout?


That’s a wolf spider. Don’t kill it! I love having these guys around. They’re amazing little hunters! They’ll help keep your place bug free.


Looks like a wolf spider.

Here is a page with a very close resemblance:


Hobos usually are red on the back half. We have a few around…they can cause some nasty wounds.


Looks like a little vere-volf spider.

Where wolf?
There wolf.


I got it…it’s the “Makes her pee her pants” Spider! 0 on the danger scale … 10 on the entertainment scale!


Thanks for all the feedback. Closing on the house tomorrow and doing the final walk through. Two of those bad boys in what will be the master bedroom. One on the wall, one in a web. We’ll probably call in the bug people to have a look around and see how bad it is.


Oh my word…I just snorted out loud! HA! :laughing:


I get one bouncing at me across the floor on a bi-weekly basis. They’re harmless.

A handy thing to have on hand is a broom and one of those floor butlers that you sweep stuff into…carefully sweep the little guy into the butler then just release him outdoors. They just look scary - they don’t bite people.

Also works - put a Ziploc bag over it and scrape it off the wall into the bag…then dump outside. (They really don’t want to be in the house.)


I :heart: spellcheck! :smile: