SpiritForge is Online! My First Prints!

After much fanfare, I received my GlowForge on Monday! With the approaching (impending) Holiday, of course the first thing I made was a redesign of a Valentine’s Day Postcard that I found online, then the obligatory Founder’s Ruler, and what I’m calling a Rack Reminder (the version on the left in PG draft board, and the open version on the right done with PG Maple Hardwood and PG clear acrylic from my starter pack).
I’m a cyclist, and normally when I have a bike on my roof rack, I take the oil change reminder sticker from my windscreen and move it to the corner of my rear view mirror, so that every time I look in the rearview, I’m reminded there’s a bike on my roof (and hopefully remember not to drive into the garage!!). I’ve been thinking of a less kludgy reminder for some years now, and since I finally have a laser, now is the time. So this will adhere to the inside of the windscreen, and when I have a bike on the rack, I slide out the acrylic insert. Eventually, the acrylic slide out will be red, but as I wasn’t gifted PG Red Acrylic in my sample pack, clear works for now.
The Mob Shop is my local cycling shop here in Ojai, and have been super stoked about the idea. First ones are for them, but I’m looking forward to being able to add custom logos and inlays to the product…and of course to saving bikes everywhere from garages and drive thru’s!!
I’ve been lurking on the forum for months now just soaking up the ideas, and I’m happy to finally contribute one of my own.
Thanks for all the beautiful and inspiring work on this forum.


Awesome! Love the pull out reminder idea! :grinning:

Very Nice. What a clever reminder, definitely looks marketable!


Such a great idea! Useful as well as decorative.

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What a great idea!!! Nice work!

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Glad you got it and can join in!

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Welcome! Love the bike reminder. Hope you don’t crash into any garages until you get some red!