Split design in Illustrator? Looking for some help

Fairly new to Illustrator. Is it possible to split a design with many components in illustrator? I managed to do it in Photoshop but when I bring the design back into illustrator none of the components are available for selection, its all one image if that makes sense? I have searched the internet and this forum. The only thing I could find was the link below, I tried it but a few of the components need to be split in half and this method doesn’t seem to lend itself to that. I want to split the design vertically. Can’t use the passthru as it is 2 go onto 2 sheets of material. Hopefully some of what I have said makes sense?

Yes, it does make sense, but Illustrator by itself is not the greatest on doing what you want it to do here. (Hell of a lot of work.)

RJ Graffix has a Cutting Tools plugin that would let you slice it in half. (Table Saw)


Thanks Jules, I will look into that. :+1:

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Is there a knack to using the table saw plug in? Downloaded and installed it, I’ve managed to cut something maybe 20% of the time on a test file. Its probably very simple but am struggling :crazy_face:

EDIT:Cracked it thanks, was just too late and too tired last night. Thanks @Jules.


Oooo that’s nice.