Split Leaf Philodendron Clock

I made this clock for my neighbor.
(the neighbor who gets to enjoy the continuous plume of smoke emanating from our house.)

The plumeria flower is delicate, and I wasn’t sure if she was going to keep it or give it to her grandsons, so I made the flower removable with a magnet.

Also if I were to sell something like this one day, it would be neat to have different clock accents to to personalize it.

The local craft store had different colored ink, which I used as a stain for the wood, then sprayed it with polyurethane.

image image image



Cool! Perfect for a tropical environment. :palm_tree:


Beautiful work! extraordinary view !




I agree it would be fun to have changeable accents. Nice design and execution - and yeah, the view!


Thank you for sharing your work.


Beautiful!! I am sure your friend loves it! Thanks so much for sharing the file. Thanks to your share, I see many split leaf philodendron clocks in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

My pleasure! Enjoy! When you assemble the two leaves, depending on the location of one of the holes in the leaves, the rear clock mechanism peaks through. It might be better to move that leaf hole further down from the center hole. I wonder if they have any cheap clock mechanisms for prime day.

Beautiful! Thanks for the file.

I really like the idea of interchangeable decorations!

:sunny: Have fun with the design!!! I had fun making it, and my neighbor loves it. The final coat of polyurethane really made the colors pop. I should look online for more ink, because I like the natural grain of the wood peeking through, and the local art store charges about 9 dollars a bottle. The plumeria flower was just paint. The magnets are from aliexpress, because amazon doesn’t like shipping magnets, batteries, spray cans… etc. out here.


What a lovely gift for your neighbor!!! It’s beautiful!!!

Very kind of you to share your file. Not sure I could get much done if I had your view!


Thank you!