Sports Memorabilia Suggestions

Have had a Forge in our school for about 3 weeks, trying everything we can and doing a lot. Would like to try and sell some things just to fund materials so students can print small things (as well as start saving up for the tube replacement hopefully a long way down the road.)

I know the one thing that parents love to do is buy things that memorialize their child’s Athletic career, at least here in a small town they do. I’ve been trying to think of what the best material to cut on that would be memorable, but not too much like a memorial. Thinking something with photo (possibly filtered to a line drawing) and some career statistics for their student. As we near graduation I think these would over very well. I’ve looked on pinterst for ideas, but nothing really jumped at me.

Any suggestions? I know there are some great designers here from seeing some of your work being posted.



Maybe acrylic? (Long lasting, doesn’t look anything like a memorial, inexpensive.)

I’d forgo the photo engraving though, and stick to decorative name with a football, baseball, or basketball design. Prepping a photo for engraving takes a lot of work, and a lot of time. You’ll be better off with something standardized as much as possible, with a little bit of minimal personalization.

(And they’ll still sell.) :wink:


I agree with Jules, dealing with photos is pretty time consuming and tough. If you want to go for a little larger project, you could make really simple three layer customized frames. You could have the back of the frames all built and ready to go and all you would have to do is plug in the names and stats to engrave on the face plate. Your students could design a few choices for the parents to choose from maybe. Heck, you might even find inexpensive frames pre-made at Hobby Lobby or something and you could customize them.