Squaring Issues on Circles

Hello. I am cutting a lot of acrylic ornaments and noticed the top portion of my circles is starting not to match up.

I began reading some threads, checking the wheels which seem fine and working on squaring the machine. I cleaned out the crumb tray as well. I did see that it is more noticeable towards the center of the machine versus the side of the machine.

Am I going crazy that the lines should meet on the scoring or is the machine not as precise?

Thanks for the support.

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Rotate design 90 deg and cut. It seems odd that it would happen in the same spot consistently. Definitely not the design?
Tight belt?


I rotated 90* and it is there (near where the ribbon is)… but smaller and only if I rub my finger along the outside I feel a little bump.

Perhaps the design? I designed the SVG myself and imported it in. It worked well. I can’t tell when it started to go off course a bit. I have duplicated the file a couple of times… could that be it?

Not a huge problem, but do you have to have a circle that I could test that you have used?

I appreciate the responses.

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I do, but not where I am now at a diner. :slight_smile:
If you rotated it, and it is still happening at the very top of the design then I am out of ideas.

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It looks like you have a problem with the motion on your machine. Either a debris or dirt buildup on the movement works is what it looks like to me.

Alternatively your Y pulley(s) may be slipping and allowing the belt to loosen.

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I’m starting to think it is something that happened to the file along the way from copying it… if that is possible. I just ran a snowman file that I’ll upload the picture tomorrow, but I didn’t get any uneven cuts.

Update tomorrow…

Thanks all for the replies so far.

Highly unlikely.

Here is a circle:

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Thank you for the test circle. The score looks great, but this is what popped up when I did the cut. Notice it did not complete the circle cut.

Next steps?

Looks to me like the score also missed a spot adjacent to where the cut did.

I agree with ben1, that’s all I can think of.


Would it be this article?

Am I correct in thinking that on the video they are adjusting the X-Pulley and that the Y-Pulley are the vertical sides?

Also to double check for any smudges/debris my eye doesn’t see… Zeiss Wipe or microfiber along the rail?

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Yes on all counts.

I’m still stuck on this. I can’t find any debris that is messing with the motion along the Y, None of the wheels look cracked or damaged, and the belts look in good shape.

Here are some videos I have taken.

Belts sound like a guitar as one video points out. I push on the top and the bottom part doesn’t move.

Cutting different parts of the machine.
The circle on the score and cut do not complete (Sorry for the bad video and possible crying toddler in the background)

Post-It Note Slip
Here is a post it note cut out where it cuts out, but you will notice when it meets to finish, it does a little curve.

Rolling Manual
With the machine off, I rolled the x-axis to the front and back to listen for any inconsistencies. I don’t believe I hear any and all wheels look in good shape.

Thanks for all the support. Hopefully you have next steps to try. Thank you.

Watching all of your videos it appears that the movement of the head is jerky in both axes. It should be smooth. I suspect you have something in one of the teeth of your drive pulley(s) that is causing one belt to act slightly shorter than the other.

It might just be the video, but it really looks like the head is making a periodic pause or jump.
If it isn’t the belt and the head is making that periodic pause, I would guess you have a current leak that is robbing the steppers of current and they are losing partial steps.

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