Squeeeeeee! (Fusion360)

Okay, so I’ve been playing with a design and instead of just knocking something out quickly at the beginning, (which I’ve been kind of forced to do due to time constraints lately), I actually took the time up front to set up a few variable parameters in it.

By the way @markevans36301 …I used your box joints tut for the rectangular array… stupendous time saver! Thanks for that tip!

Just received the supplies I was waiting on to actually cut and build it, and realized the design was going to be too large for the pitiful quantity of supplies I received, so I placed another order and went back to the design.

Input one number to completely change the dimensions and the whole thing changed! Makes the final design completely customize-able.

Sweeeeeeeeet! :sunglasses:

Back to designing… I am so squeee over this…

(Now if I can just find time to rework the problem child…different file.)


Not that I’ve seen the tut but that is the joy of parametric design.

It will be hard going to other drawing packages once you master CAD :slight_smile:


So you are just going to tease us and move on? That is cruel.

And for the box joints, you are welcome. I watch hundreds of YouTubes so you don’t have to! :blush:


We’ll be posting his tuts one of these days pretty soon. :wink:

Chuckle! I can’t build it without the supplies. I’ll post the proto-type for the problem child tonight, though. Even though that one is going to take a major overhaul.


I see I need to learn and then teach rendering…


ROFL! Nope, this one is a surprise…in case it doesn’t work out. :laughing:

Also going to be a stepping off point into inlay for me…(aside from that bling tray, which was more of a cutout thing)…so I’ll need to pick @marmak3261’s brain about the engraving depth settings for the veneers.


Oh, wow, I sure hope it works out so we can pick your brain.


This is the main reason why I prefer Fusion over any vector package. The ability to make adjustments non-destructively. And also to flip to different points in your history to make feature changes.


I still have so much to learn with the whole parameterization thing though…most of which, I’m sad to say, I’ve forgotten since the summer when I worked on it. :confused:

(Sometimes the results of my attempts at parameterizing something turn out to be pretty amusing though.)


Parameters gone wrong:


I feel much better now! :grin:

Recently I did a box for a project and had to use AI, instead of CAD, and OMG, I realized how accustomed you get to constraints based sketching. Yes, AI has a sort of measurement system, but not even in the same league as a real CAD system. Of course splines, etc are pathetic in CAD compared to the insanity of AI’s incredible curve manipulation…


That’s why I like to use both. Each has it’s strong points for different kinds of design.

When you get into the 3D modeling - F360 (or Rhino) have a ton of benefits - but for quick manipulation of more natural shapes - you can’t beat Illustrator.

And I frequently just import the Illustrator results into F360 for extrusion - best of all worlds, saves a ton of time. :relaxed:

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Yeah, although I have to say, when I made the test heart valves for @markevans36301 to test GF’ing the power mesh, the loss of dimensions when I moved from OnShape to AI was a bummer. AI does import DXFs but not well. This will be a slight transition for me back to 2D design, since I am so used to 3D CAD on a daily basis (I do use AI, but for artwork not CAD like stuff). The challenge I find with Fusion is that it is both a regular rigid constraint and sketch based CAD and a freeform cad, which I find problematic when people mix them (you don’t have to but you can) when I go to do a precision fit off their designs and design intent is weirdly mixed…

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Yeah there are some issues with importing into AI from the CAD programs. I expect we’ll work something out eventually. :relaxed:

I’ve been going back and forth about even mentioning them to @Rita at this point. It’s not something that Glowforge is responsible for fixing, but they might be able to give us a way to work around some of the problems they introduce later.

And they should be a non-destructive change. We’ll see.

Shrek looks like Nemesis of Resident Evil