Squirrel Picnic Table / Mini Table

Spent all day refining this little table… I love it
I found a cheap design on Etsy (Warning- the photo displayed does not accuratly represent the file you receive. ) I redesigned it for .20 purebond - printed it and then realized it could be so much better… so I re-designed to make it no-glue required and no holes on the top.
The slots on the back of the tabletop are engraved and the connecting piece just slot in!
Graphics are from the Glowforge interface


Are you selling this file?

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I fav’d your store - looking forward to seeing the file :slight_smile:

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Very cute!!

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That table is precious!

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Thank you :slight_smile: I am very proud

This is adorable, but I don’t really think it’s OK to modify someone else’s file and sell it as your own. Just my ethical two cents.


Timely entertainment from a brilliant YouTuber:

(skip to 18:40 for the punchline…)


A cute order from my etsy :slight_smile: