Staedler has a mandala creator that is interesting

The resolution of the output isn’t great, so I am not sure it’s directly laserable, but ymmv.

Here’s what I whipped up in about 3 mins of playing around:

mandala.pdf (257.1 KB)


Skipped the hedgehogs, huh?

I remember playing with this awhile back, but I had my doubts about licensing. It’s certainly fun and easy for personal use stuff, though.

hmmmm, what am I doing wrong? I turned off all my ad blockers and pop up window blockers. The ‘drawing pad’ just stays plain white.

Guessing I’m missing something simple.

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You have to click the layer and then choose a shape for that layer. It’s not really a drawing interface, it’s simpler than that.

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Thanks! I missed the part to click the upper left corner to select a shape.

For people who don’t want to search, here’s a link to it:

Just as I found it, my housemates invited me downstairs for coffee and oatmeal, so I will have to wait until later to play with it! :wink:


Hah I forgot to add a link?


I figured if I complained you’d tell me to use my search function. :wink:

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Oo you’re better at this than I am.


Yay, FINALLY, something I can do better than @evansd2! :wink:

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Psht. You’re better at most things.

Especially ankle surgery.

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That’s really not a hobby I recommend. I also SERIOUSLY recommend not doing two of them in one year. Ugh!


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