Stain Can Toppers

I use a lot of different stains in my work. It sometimes hard to find the one I want.

So I cut circles out of baltic birch, stained them all and glued them to the top of the cans. I also added a code to each can (like A1, B2, C3). That way I can write that code on the work I stained, instead of the full name of the stain. It’s much faster.

Beside the cans, you can also see some dice I made and stained. It’s the dice design from the catalog.


Very smart. Thanks


Really clever idea. I would have probably just written the color on them, but this is MUCH better!

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That’s a great idea!


Smart and simple.

Thanks for sharing.

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The dice work well. Not as well as normal dice, since they are a little big. We did play a game of “dice” with them and they worked fine.


Great idea! Color coding makes things much easier for me!
I feel like I can skip a step in the brain processing (see a green thing and know it’s that particular green stain vs. Blah blah color 259-B, oh yeah, that means green, but which green?)

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I spy with my little eye Minwax 225 :smile:

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That’s perfect. Gives me a use for all the little discs I cut out of beer bottle totes :slight_smile: Thanks!


Very good tip. Thanks!