Stained Glass Mickey Ears

I made these Mickey ears for a friend’s child. They’re visiting Disney World this Christmas.
One layer of clear acrylic is engraved. I added black alcohol ink to the engraved areas before removing the protective film. Then, I painted it with mod podge tinted with food coloring. After it was dry, I added a non-engraved layer of acrylic over the painted side, and zip tied it to a headband using two small holes near the base of each ear. Add a dinglehopper to a bow and it’s done.


First thing I thought: A Dinglehopper! :slight_smile: Can you tell I have a daughter? She 21 now but I watched a lot of Disney movies over the years.

Oh and great stained glass effect!


I love the fork! This is wonderful!

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Yeah, I really like that stained glass effect! Very pretty! :grinning:

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Love it! I don’t understand the fork thing (yeah, I live under a rock).


See Ariel always wanted to be human and she collected “artifacts” that she found in the ocean. She found a fork and misinterpreted it as something you would use in your hair. She also named it a dinglehopper. (My daughter watched the movie a thousand times which meant I probably watched it 500 :slight_smile: ).

Beautiful project!

This came out great. Cool technique on the stained glass!

Sure to be one of a kind and stand out on their trip. So neat!

Jeez, this is the sort of thing I would never think of on my own, but the moment I see it, it’s so obvious that it would work. Incredible project, and something that your friend will keep forever, even if the kid grows out of it!

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