Stainless steel dog tag

Hi - I have been trying to engrave on stainless steel dog tags and first sprayed it with Cermark 6000 and let it dry before engraving and for some reason the first time the engraving took but every time after it did not. Does anyone have any idea why this may have happened? Do you know what I might be doing wrong?


Check your power settings.

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Do you know of a recommended power setting because I have used different power settings recommended by others but it still doesn’t engrave. It did on the first run and with the same settings not on the second.

I generally run 100 power and full speed at either 270 or 340 LPI depending on the image being “engraved”

That is regardless of whether it’s stainless steel or anodized aluminum dog tags, bottle openers, etc.


I found if there is ANY grease/oil on the steel the cermark isn’t going to work right. I used Dawn detergent to really clean it and then a quick pass with some IPA swab right before spraying.