Stainless Steel Engraving Attempt #1

Hoping for a deeper engrave on the next run. Anyone else working with steel?


Pretty cool. From the specs it’s not supposed to be able to do anything on metal, so that’s encouraging. Did you do full power, multiple passes?


This was actually a single pass at 90%. I put some of the adhesive paper I reused from some proofgrade material to prevent glare.


Very interesting! I’d be curious to see what a triple pass at full power gets you on that material…

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I tried three passes and the results were very very similar. I have a third run going now at a much slower speed. Fingers crossed!


Any luck?

You should try spraying some Moly and seeing if that helps. I plan on using mine on some steel as well so it’s great seeing others try as well.


Try scrubbing it in the sink just in case the marking is some kind of residue from the masking? Promising, though!


The one is photo above originally appeared much darker than in the picture, but came off with vigorous clearning - I think that was some adhesive residue. I tried multiple passes at higher power and slower speed with similar results. I’m skeptical that what is being engraved here is truly steel. These are cheap stainless steel stamping disks which allegedly to be laser engravable. It wouldnt surprise me if there is some unmentioned coating contributing to this…

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