Stairwell Poster Board Overlays


The wife’s been busy spicing up the stairwell with poster board overlays

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Nice job hiding the seams.


Wow! Beautiful! LOVE this!


Wow! Awesome idea.


Wow! That’s phenomenal! Love the patterns! :grinning:




Well done!


It’s like home in the Mediterranean. What do you mean by “poster board” though? Is it being cut from a paper board product?


Vert intriguing, whats the color material behind?


Hi. I’m “The Wife” who is working on this project. Poster board is thick paper that comes in 20 in. x30 in. sheets. About 65 lb weight. I get mine from the craft store. I used it for this project because I have a stack of it and thought I’d give it a try.


Craft paint in two different colors of turquoise. The riser is made of cheap MDF.


My wife tried to answer you but her post got marked as spam. I’m not sure who did that or why :frowning:


My wife tried to answer you but her post got marked as spam. I’m not sure who did that or why. :frowning:


No idea why the materials posts from your Ms. got marked as spam, but the project looks like a dream!


I think it happens to new posters who make multiple posts, as an over the top anti-spam defence… thus it is probably down to @discourse settings

They should fix it once they notice it


It is a wonderful idea, beautifully done!


I’m not sure why to would be marked as spam, either. But I could see the answer when I clicked on it. Thank you! What threw me is that the effort looks like a permanent installation, so wouldn’t have guessed a paper board product would be your choice. On the other hand, it looks lovely in the photos. And if you have a stack of the stuff…


Nice job ‘The Wife’! Your transitions from one board to the next is really nice! I can’t even find the gaps on the finished ones.


Beautiful! Well done!


Fantastic project! And I love the photo of “Wife” earnestly contemplating her cutting job.