Stand By Motorscooters!


My shipping notification email just hit!
@dan can the laser drink a beer with me and be my best friend?


Woohoo!!! :squee: Congrats!


Congrats! :smiley::boom::dizzy::tada::fireworks:


Woowoo the MA folks are racking them up!


Loving all the notifications going out






:glowforge:-per-square-foot gets dense in my neighborhood. XD


Well we have 3 now inside of the 95-93 ring that we know of (@joe which side of the highway?) or at least within 495…




Yup! On the map from a year ago ISTR there’s one going somewhere in Cambridge but that’s probably a lab at the 'tute.


Oh, so 4 of us so far!


To answer your question I think we’d have to run the risk of having the thread closed for giving out un-approved safety information. Also why waste a beer on the laser when you or your friend could enjoy it more?


Two Glowforges on the same block! This is going to be awesome!




Yep, probably beer spills aren’t covered by the warranty :grin:


Yay New England! Can’t wait for us in NH!!


laser beer might replace shower beer as the current Best Beer




I’d pre-order that.